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What does creative and financial freedom look like for you? 

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I'm Amy, the founder and dreamer behind the beans robust café au lait crema sweet steamed, body sugar cream qui aged french press grounds.

The story behind Arts Dynamics: 
A word from our founder Sofie Marin

Back in 2009, in the midst of a recession, I founded a London based production and communications company From Sweden Productions promoting Swedish arts and culture abroad.

Equipped with many years leadership experience within the music and performing arts field (including producer at the Royal Dramatic Theatre, chorus producer at the Royal Swedish Opera and stage manager/music librarian at a Symphony Orchestra) plus a BA in Musicology and Business Administration and a passion for arts and business I felt confident this would work out from the start. I mean, what could go wrong?

Little did I know about the challenges that waited around the corner.

To cut a long story short, I had been employed throughout my career and each organisation had their own departments and plenty of staff, teams and resources to support. And I was used to having a clear role with defined responsibilities to lead the way. Now as a business owner suddenly I had to do it all myself. I was the CEO, the employee, the marketing and sales department, the creative innovator and also had to be fully responsible for all things finance and legal. I had big plans. Big dreams and ambitions. At home however I also had two young children who needed me to be there for them, fully present. Add to that a social structure where the childcare would cost more than my monthly salary, and I had to pay to show up for work even before I could see any revenue coming in. One day I will write a book about this but for now...let´s just say that it was highly frustrating being so close to realising my dreams with sold out concerts and happy clients on the one end and yet so far away because the system did not support working mums and I had not experience of being an entrepreneur which meant long hours, and having to turn down opportunities because I did not have the bandwidth, structure, funds or support to make it sustainable. 

Something had to change 

One day on my way back to Sweden I discovered a book at Heathrow airport; The Laptop Millionaire by Mark Anastasi. It featured a laptop entrepreneur sitting at the beach, working from their laptop and making money online. It looked like a dream. Now, since I came from the magical world of opera, music, theatre and dance I could not see how this could translate to my industry but something deep within told me to grab the book and so I did. 2 hours later I had read it all, cover to cover and learned everything there was to know about social media, digital marketing and sales strategies, tools and resources for me to get started straight away. 

As a result of that book I got in touch with Mark and other entrepreneurs in the field. One of them was Roger Hamilton who had developed an entrepreneur test to help entrepreneurs identify their strengths and talents and choose which of 8 paths to follow to build and grow their flow. This was my second BIG aha-moment.

It turned out I had been going about my business in the wrong way. People had asked me to help them as an artist manager, agent, booking agent but also producer and promoter. It was hard to keep up with the details of running the company and I was wearing many different hats, doing many different things. According to the test, my super skill was to Magnify; making things bigger and better. Attracting opportunities and creating visibility.  

This explained why I had been told in the past that everything I touched always had a tendency to become so big, and why I thrived working with big productions and organisations. The bigger the better! 

As a result of the answers of the test, I stopped doing certain things, outsourced and delegated work that was not in my flow and started working from the cloud to be location independent. This was such a new approach to doing business that The Guardian even did a feature piece about it.

...A Vision is born with a Clear Mission
I had seen the positive results for myself, and others started asking for advice so I passed on what I had learned. Then one day, during a business planning retreat in Bali it hit me. What if I could create an educational system and framework for arts entrepreneurs to help them digitise, monetise and most importantly avoid the many costly mistakes I had made when I started out?
The vision for Arts Dynamics was born

"Nothing is More Powerful than an Idea Whose Time has Come" - Victor Hugo.

When the pandemic hit in 2020 I knew it was time for Arts Dynamics to be launched fully. The world moved online and we could help lead the way. I created a 10 year business plan with a Mission to Empower One Million Arts Entrepreneurs by 2030 and put artists on Mars, for which we won an entrepreneur award. 

Arts Dynamics would not be here today had it not been for mentors, peers, friends and colleagues who believed in me and the vision for Arts Dynamics. It is impossible for one person to know it all, especially in a fast changing environment, but as a learning community we can help each other stay updated. We become leading learners, and as such are constantly surfing the waves that are coming our way


Arts Dynamics 5.0
in a nutshell



With an increase in courses, programmes and trainings for artists and creatives, what sets Arts Dynamics apart? And what does the 5.0 stand for? I will tell you now!

  • Personlised learning with a bespoke pathway based on your passions, purpose and talents With assessments for all of those.
  • Entrepreneurial learning based on the CLEAR philosophy; Connect, Learn, Earn, Act & Review, Clear steps to take based on where you are, where you want to go and your why behind it all.
  • Bridging the Gap between Arts and Tech roast, iced, pumpkin spice brewed galão, cappuccino, chicory cinnamon, steamed, white, cultivar, chicory cultivar java coffee robust spoon con panna saucer organic.

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5 Steps to get "Clear"


Global &
 Local Community


Personalised Learning

3) EARN:

Monetise your work

4) ACT:

Take consistent action


Review and Renew

Where to next?



Your Genius 
Free Report 

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The Perfect Mini Training

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