Future Proofing Artistic Businesses: The Vision

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It is an Exciting Time For Creative Entrepreneurs

We live in a time of endless opportunities for creative change makers, rebels and innovators within music, arts, culture and entertainment. Never before has it been easier to create, market and sell your artistic work as an independent creator. At the same time we also see an exponential growth in AI, tech and digitisation which challenges the old ways of doing things.

It can be hard to keep up. What worked yesterday, no longer works today. 

Just like music has its rhythm and flow, entrepreneurship does too. I wholeheartedly believe that no-one can stay on top of the game and build a wildly successful artistic business and career by themselves, but by surrounding ourselves with the best and aiming to be a "leading learner" we get to unleash our full potential and make a bigger impact in the world. Together. 

Welcome to Arts Dynamics - an online learning platform and growing entrepreneurial network passionate about empowering creative professionals on earth and in space! 

- Sofie Marin, Founder and CEO of Arts Dynamics, Board Member Fuglesang Space Centre.

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Connect with the movers and shakers in the cultural and creative industries including tech companies and investors. 

Accelerator Membership

The Arts Dynamics Entrepreneurship Course and Membership Merges into Annual Accelerator Programme in the Spring 2024 

1:1 Coaching & Mentoring

Individual coaching sessions to help you with your strategy, branding, marketing and sales. Choose between 1, 3 and 12 months of sessions. 

Arts Dynamics Accelerator

Accelerating Your Creative Business Growth

This accelerator programme is perfect for freelancers, solo creators and small- to medium sized businesses, ensembles and organisations within the cultural and creative industries who are looking to master all things arts entrepreneurship. You have the ideas and the vision. We help you with strategy, structure and accountability on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis.  

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Arts Dynamics Meetups in partnership with Epicenter Stockholm and local partners

Future Trends: Creativity, Tech & Innovation for Impact

Learn about the very latest tech trends such as NFTs and digital art, generative AI, web 3, spatial computing, blockchain, crypto currencies, metaverse and much more.

We meet at Epicenter Stockholm on a regular basis. Replays available for members of the accelerator programme. 
More cities in 2024 include Athens, Greece (March), Melbourne, Australia (April) and London, UK (spring/summer 2024)

To join as an event partner/sponsor, contact us via sofie (at) artsdynamics. com

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Arts Dynamics
- External Courses, Programmes, Workshops and Talks (English/Swedish)

Hire us

Is your organisation looking for coaches and mentors to teach arts entrepreneurship, digital marketing and sales within the creator economy? Get in touch for more information. Our founder and CEO, Sofie Marin, can also be booked as a moderator and guest expert on panels and workshops.

Previous clients and partners include Kulturakademin, Musikalliansen, SAMI, Föreningen Svenska Tonsättare, Keychange and Kungliga Musikhögskolan. Panels include Almedalen and Kulturrådet.

Photo: Grassroot Music Industry Panel, Almedalen UTOM/Sensus

Email sofie @ artsdynamics . com

Customer reviews

Develop as a freelancer

"Sofies coaching gives you all the tools you need to not only survive but also develop and thrive as an artistic freelancer."  

Individual Coaching

Arts & Business

"So wonderful to see that it can finally be fun to think about arts and business in the same sentence! To be able to focus on the creative part of moving your artistic business forward. Fantastic course and engagement from Sofie. She is truly wonderfully great!"  

Arts Dynamics Course

Inner growth

"The Academy of Culture (Kulturakademin in Gothenburg, Sweden) and Sofie Marin have created a deeply transformative and highly professional course experience which as given me material and inner growth for the rest of my career."

Arts Dynamics Course

Looking for a burgeoning & inspiring creative community? Look no further.

I discovered Arts Dynamics on a whim and since then I’ve gotten the chance to connect with inspiring creators of all kinds - from game studio owners, to marketing agency owners and spatial startup founders. What other community can offer that kind of range?

Each session is like a creative hive-mind of people coming together to connect and learn from and with each other - as each Arts Dynamics event tackles a highly relevant contemporary topic from Digital Art & NFT’s to Generative AI and Spatial Technology.

As a freelancer in Stockholm, this is that breath of fresh community & creative air I’ve been looking for.

Each time the room is full of friendly, approachable, eager and creative energy that you look forward to getting more of - again & again.

I’ve also gotten the opportunity and privilege to speak at one of the events - and I can only say that from the get go organisation, event planning and execution was nothing but stellar - which allowed me as a keynote speaker to focus on my primary mission, which is to deliver my content at its highest caliber.

So, if you’re looking for a creative light in the dark during 2024 - look no further.

- Billy Boman, Founder of Creative AI Studio & Freelancer designer at Billy Boman Design


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