Arts Dynamics provides a home for all things Arts Entrepreneurship where you get access to the very latest strategies and tools as well as a global network to build and grow a thriving artistic business in flow with your natural talents. Often with the very latest in tech, innovation and future trends leading the way. Always with you and your creative work at the core. 

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Coming up Thursday 6 January, 2-6pm CET. 

Arts Dynamics New Year Live 2022. Free to attend for everyone.

Replay available afterwards for members of the Mastermind.  

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We provide bespoke courses and programs throughout the year. Clients & partners include Kulturakademin, Musikcentrum Öst and Musikalliansen in Sweden as well as open Masterclasses world wide

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Nothing beats the power of a community of likeminded people when it comes to learning and implementing new things in our artistic businesses. 

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Clarity, Direction and Community with Ongoing Business Support for Creatives

Welcome to Arts Dynamics, dedicated to the empowerment of impact driven Cultural and Creative Entrepreneurs, Teams, Companies and Organisations. It is a fine art to combine artistic vision with profitability, and to use digital strategies without loosing the human connection. Arts Dynamics provides a friendly, inclusive, highly professional community and educational platform from StArtup to Scale up and Investor level. We believe that there is no "one size fits all" (ever had conflicting advice from trusted mentors and experts?), and that the more we understand ourselves, the easier it will be to decide which strategies we should focus on and more importantly, what to let go of to make room for growth. As part of that we offer a personalised pathway to help you start, grow and scale your creative business in flow with your natural talents. You can attend many of our events and activities within the Arts Dynamics Academy as a non-member, or sign up as a member for extra perks, discounts, community and benefits. We are dedicated to your success and look forward to serving you! - Sofie Marin, founder & CEO, Arts Dynamics

Creative Genius.

Empowered Artists. A better World. 

"Others have seen what is and asked why.
I have seen what could be and asked why not.”
- Pablo Picasso

Our Vision

Arts Entrepreneurship. A New Perspective.













Arts for the Youth

I signed up as a founding member to improve my skills in arts and business. My experience with Sofie has always been rewarding and continues to have an important impact on my artistic development. I highly recommend this community!

- Alexandra Chalupa, Sweden
Producer and Artistic Director/Dance & Musical Theatre

Fashion Photography

Sofie is committed, tenacious, with world class portfolio in Performing Arts, events production, promotion, branding and marketing. Sofie is an incredible person and great mentor with a big heart. Her knowledge using the Wealth Dynamics system combined with her long experience in the arts industry makes her be the best mentor you can find if you are looking to grow in the arts field.
- Rames Xelhuantzi, Mexico,
Fashion Photographer

Music for All

"With all the content and value delivered by Sofie Marin, the path to pivoting online (a long-term dream of mine for quite some time) seems to have a doability about it which I have never experienced before, despite heavy and significant investments of all kinds!"

- Norman Christina, Malta,
Musician and Music Teacher

Where Mission Meets Method

"When I heard the name Arts Dynamics, and spoke with Sofie Marin, I realized I was speaking to a person who was bilingual in the languages of Arts and Entrepreneurship. I joined ADEM as a Founding Member, because as an Artist I wanted be be able to think like an Entrepreneur, and as an Entrepreneur I wanted to think like an Artist! These were two languages that needed not only a platform, but a community to gain fluency, and this was it!

Artists can no longer afford to isolate themselves from business. At the same time we think differently and hold ourselves to different standards that enable us to be Business Artists. This is not a path for lone wolves. We have much to learn and much to contribute. Arts Dynamics is a place where mission meets method, and we can become proactive as Entrepreneurs and Artists."

-William Reed (Japan), Renaissance Samurai, Calligrapher and Martial Artist

Creating New Business Model

I joined ADEM as a founding member, and it was right at a time where I was looking for direction concerning my career, having served as a university music professor and orchestral musician for over 30 years, but feeling as if it was time to transition to a new way of using my musical skills. Sofie was fantastic! She listened to me and helped me define my mission as well as the direction of my career; through discussions with her and with others in the group, I was able to build a business that is very fulfilling, using all of my creative and musical talents.

To anyone who is “on the fence” about joining the group: do it now! The mastermind support with FB and the training within Kajabi is exceptional, for all that’s included, the price for membership is a great value! You won’t regret it--I certainly haven’t!

- Karen L. Robertson (USA), Music Teacher/Owner, Gifting Pride: custom songs for the LGBTQIA+ community

From Cancelations to Confidence

When I came to ADEM it was difficult time. My company was in lockdown for several months, my teaching work was cancelled and I had just parted with my business partners. And I felt I'm definitely not "technical guy". Now I'm creator of mastermind group "Space of Dancing People", I have a lot of online coaching, courses, but most of all I'm Confident! I'm ready for any challenges in my life! Sofie helps a lot with structure, with understanding organising and financial processes. Every tool is very practical. Every knowledge you can use. Another amazing thing is our society. At one place you can see so many creative minds, vulnerable hearts and intelligent attitude. Arts Dynamics - place for art people who want to take responsibility of their own life without any excuses but with knowledge and support.

- Roman Manzhosov (Russia), Expression coach and international Ballroom dance teacher

Podcast: Arts Dynamics Talks

During the pandemic, our founder Sofie hosted weekly livestream sessions where she interviewed leading creatives around the world to learn what they were doing to pivot and thrive. This led to the podcast Arts Dynamics Talks (Spotify) which will be back in the autumn 2021. Have a story to tell and want to be featured on the podcast? Get in touch!

Arts Dynamics Entrepreneur Mastermind (ADEM)

Are you looking for additional guidance with monthly group mentoring sessions, quarterly and annual business development workshops and round table discussions. More information can be found on the inside of the membership. 

Product Partnership with Entrepreneurs Institute 

Arts Dynamics has partnered up with Roger Hamilton and Entrepreneurs Institute to create a personalised entrepreneur profile test for arts entrepreneurs to be released in quarter 3, 2021. As part of this initiative we also offer Arts Dynamics Flow Consultants to teach these strategies, based on 8 paths to flow. 

Giving back #Agenda2030

We believe in the power of giving back and paying it forward. Each time someone invests in working with us, part of the proceeds will go to supporting creative and innovative initiatives in aid of the UN Sustainable Global Goals. 

As our first partner, we have chosen to collaborate with From Sweden Foundation.

Thank you for helping us pay it forward!