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Hello friend, we are delighted that you are here. This is the home of Arts Dynamics, a global learning community for arts entrepreneurs, cultural leaders and creative educators who are looking to take their artistic businesses and careers to the next level.

We´ve worked with hundreds of arts professionals across the cultural and creative industries, helping them get clear on their vision, turn that vision into action and on the back of that learn how to generate recurring revenue online doing what they love. In short, we help you connect the dots in your artistic business, and bridge the digital with the physical. And not only that, we also provide you with a personalised pathway based on your Passions, Purpose and Talents so you can grow your impact by leaning more into who you are.

Achieving real business growth and success really is possible for arts professionals. You can be both purpose driven, heart centred and profitable at the same time. No matter what stage you are at, Startup, Scaleup, Investor level or even a full scale Arts Organisation, we´ve got you covered.
// Sofie Marin, Founder Arts Dynamics

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Leaning into your natural rhythm 

Hi, I´m Sofie Marin, founder of Arts Dynamics. I remember to this day when my world turned downside up and everything fell into place as a result of just investing 20 minutes of my time. At that point I was tired, exhausted, frustrated and overwhelmed running my newly founded London based production company From Sweden Productions whilst juggling a family with small children. I was about to give up, the struggle was real, when the solution presented itself in plain sight. Suddenly it all made sense, both the past, present and future and I haven´t looked back since. So, what happened, and what does this have to do with you?

I´ll tell you more in a second. First I would like to ask you: h
ave you ever noticed that industry experts, famous celebrity role models, influencers and mentors often give conflicting advice and recommendations on how to succeed as an artist and entrepreneur? This is because we all have a natural way of being and doing linked to who we are as human beings. 

A strategy that works really well for one person could have the direct opposite effect for someone else. What we also don´t take into account is what stage they are at financially; a freelancing musician/artist vs a startup creative who is self employed and the sole driver of their income have different needs from an established artistic business with a team in place to run promotions for them. Not to mention investors in the Music/ArtsTech space who are looking for something different entirely. 

More about the story coming soon...

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Perhaps you have attended one of our coaching sessions, masterclasses, workshops, courses or programmes and would like more support with the implementation afterwards?

Or you have been going at it yourself, and would love to plug into a community with like minded people to help you with the strategies, tools and trainings you need to scale things up? 

In the Mastermind you will get access to our online profitable promotions success path which you can access 24/7, to track your progress. In addition to that you get weekly coaching with Q&As, online co-working sessions, quarterly workshops to plan your coming 3 months and much more.   


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