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We have One Mission.
To help Cultural and  Creative Entrepreneurs Future Proof their  Artistic Businesses with Ease and in Flow.


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Arts Dynamics develops 
sustainable artists and culture professionals

We live in a time of endless opportunities for independent business professionals in the music, arts and culture space. Never before has it been easier to create, market and sell your creations on your own terms. At the same time we also see an exponential growth in tech and digitalisation which challenges the old ways of doing things.

It can be hard to keep up but with the right support, strategies, tools, network and resources you are able to not only survive but thrive. That is what we offer here at Arts Dynamics. Bespoke arts entrepreneurship education with you, the creative talent, and your creations at the core of everything that we do. 

Just like music has its rhythm and flow, business does too. You have got the ideas and visions to build a successful artistic career. We have got the proven pathways to help you reach your goals. 

Welcome to Arts Dynamics - an arts entrepreneurship education company passionate about empowering arts professionals all over the world and YOU are invited! // Sofie, Founder Arts Dynamics  

Freelance / Solo Creator

You work on your own, might have just started out or are more established and are looking for ways to strengthen and position your brand, increase your visibility and generate more sales; both physical and digital products and services. We teach you how to stand out, scale up and generate income on demand. 


This stage is for those of you who are ready to take things to the next level. You have mastered your identity and are well known and respected in your field. You are able to monetise, but are looking for more consistent revenue streams over a longer period of time. Here we focus more on the annual business planning where you can find more of a flow for your promotions. 


Your business has been around for a while, and here we focus even more on team and company rhythm to master the flow of everything that is happening within your company. You might be looking for outside investment, funding or financial support to scale what you do. 

Arts Dynamics Membership

Monthly membership to help you with ongoing support 

This membership is perfect for freelancers, solo creators and culture startups who are looking to master all things arts entrepreneurship. You have the ideas and the vision. We help you with strategy, structure and accountability on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis. 

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Arts Dynamics Accelerator

90 day sprint

This is a programme that will be released during the season 2023/24. 

Stay tuned - via our newsletter  and this website - for more information. 

Arts Dynamics Future Vision

Your Map & Compass

We are working on a future vision resource for you which will be released here soon. Sign up to our newsletter for more info once it's ready to see the world. 

Customer reviews

Develop as a freelancer

"Sofies coaching gives you all the tools you need to not only survive but also develop and thrive as an artistic freelancer."  

Individual Coaching

Arts & Business

"So wonderful to see that it can finally be fun to think about arts and business in the same sentence! To be able to focus on the creative part of moving your artistic business forward. Fantastic course and engagement from Sofie. She is truly wonderfully great!"  

Arts Dynamics Course

Inner growth

"The Academy of Culture (Kulturakademin in Gothenburg, Sweden) and Sofie Marin have created a deeply transformative and highly professional course experience which as given me material and inner growth for the rest of my career."

Arts Dynamics Course

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