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Clarity comes from intention, commitment and taking action. On this page you will get access to our favourite tools on the e-learning platform GeniusU to help you gain clarity of who you are, where you are going and the best steps to get there.

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The 10 step plan to Pivot and Thrive

Welcome! These ten steps to help you move from the products and services 
you were selling before the coronavirus crisis to the new digital era we have
moved into since the pandemic began.

Step 1 
Know where you are

Step 2 
Commit to where you are going

Step 3 
Reset your numbers

Step 4 
Set your three-month objectives

Step 5 
Define your customer

Step 6 
Design your customer pathway

Step 7 
Regroup your team

Step 8 
Launch sites, systems, schedule

Step 9 
Earn & learn through a 12 week cycle

Step 10
Complete successfully and repeat

Your Genius 

Which path would support you to feel like a genius? When you follow your natural genius, you live life with less resistance - and joy and success naturally flow towards you. Take the simple and free Genius Test and discover your genius.

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Wealth Dynamics

When understood and used effectively, Wealth Dynamics can be one of the most powerful tools you can use to bring clarity and direction to your entrepreneurial journey. 

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Talent Dynamics

Every Talent Dynamics profile has a different area in which we provide flow to others, and in which we are most in danger of blocking flow. For example, a Creator will add flow to the creative process, but is the most likely to cause a block in the flow of timely execution.

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Passion Test

Join hundreds of thousands of others who have discovered their passion with the Passion Test, based on the New York Times Bestseller by Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood. Take the test now and discover your Top 5 passions. You will also get access to GeniusU, with learning missions to grow your passions and connect them with your natural talents.

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Purpose Test

Learn which of the UN Sustainable Global Goals are aligned with your purpose. 

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Entrepreneur Dynamics

Step into the new decade with Entrepreneur Dynamics, the No.1 agile leadership system for entrepreneurs. This free course takes you through each step of Entrepreneur Dynamics, and how to apply the agile leadership principles in the system to your company and in your team. Whether you are a start-up or an established multinational company, this course gives you the steps to be future-ready.

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Get monthly coaching and mentoring

Sign up to the Arts Dynamics Entrepreneur Mastermind to get monthly coaching, mentoring and support. 

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