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Find out what the buzz is all about, and join a highly vibrant, professional and supportive community dedicated to your success.

Hello and welcome to this page! If you are looking to pivot and find better ways to connect with your audiences and customers, then you have come to the right place.

Do you already have a successful arts career, and are looking for clarity, structure, direction and support in your artistic business? Know that you have to move online but don´t know where to start? Perhaps need help to get organised, stop overwhelm and learn how to monetise your artistic projects and services? Join us today! // Sofie Marin, Founder of Arts Dynamics™

This is what you will get as a member...

  • Access to Monthly Masterclasses, Live Q&A:s and Goal Planning Sessions 

    Something magical happens when we are learning together with other people. Not only will you get the very latest entrepreneur strategies that work today within the arts, with clear and easy to follow action steps to take. You also get an invitation to join a private membership community where you can ask questions, find support and connect up with other members on a daily basis.
  • Business Advice

    Running a creative business can be both fun, rewarding and challenging at times. In this mastermind you will get the structure you need to run profitable arts projects including advice how to plan out your year, set goals and milestones.
  • Creative Conversations

    Let´s face it - creativity and innovation is at the core of what we do. In this mastermind you will get the support you need to get into flow with your arts business AND be creative at the same time. Yes, it can be done. Here you will learn how. 
  • Digital Revenue Streams, Tools and Resources to get Organised Online, and successfully Connect with Fans and Customers through Digital Marketing and Sales Launches

    Ever wondered how to strengthen and position your brand online? How to build online products and services? Which platforms are best to be on for your niche or how to use smart digital tools for project management, content creation, online events and much more? We´ve got you covered. This is a BIG part of running a successful arts business today, and in this mastermind you´ll always be able to ask questions. 
  • Entrepreneur Resources to help Grow and Scale your Projects and services

    As part of this mastermind, you also have access to an additional learning platform called GeniusU with entrepreneur resources across all areas. We have our own circle on that platform, with added mentorship support. 
  • Future Trends

    The world is changing fast, and it can be hard to keep up. As a member you will get exclusive updates and information about future trends to keep an eye on. 
  • Global Community of Like Minded Professionals including Guest Mentors and Experts

    The Arts Entrepreneur Movement is growing. When you join our community you are able to immediately connect up with members from around the world. The added benefit from this alone is worth the membership fee, since you get access to mentors, peers and learnings from other people who have the solutions you might be looking for. 

"With all the content and value delivered by Sofie Marin, the path to pivoting online (a long-term dream of mine for quite some time) seems to have a doability about it which I have never experienced before, despite heavy and significant investments of all kinds!"


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I signed up as a founding member to improve my skills in arts and business. My experience with Sofie has always been rewarding and continues to have an important impact on my artistic development.

I highly recommend this community!

- Alexandra Chalupa, Producer and Artistic Director/Dance & Musical Theatre

Sofie is committed, tenacious, with world class portfolio in Performing Arts, events production, promotion, branding and marketing. Sofie is an incredible person and great mentor with a big heart. Her knowledge using the Wealth Dynamics system combined with her long experience in the arts industry makes her be the best mentor you can find if you are looking to grow in the arts field.

- Rames Xelhuantzi, Fashion Photographer 

I joined ADEM as a founding member, and it was right at a time where I was looking for direction concerning my career, having served as a university music professor and orchestral musician for over 30 years, but feeling as if it was time to transition to a new way of using my musical skills. Sofie was fantastic! She listened to me and helped me define my mission as well as the direction of my career; through discussions with her and with others in the group, I was able to build a business that is very fulfilling, using all of my creative and musical talents.

To anyone who is “on the fence” about joining the group: do it now! The mastermind support with FB and the training within Kajabi is exceptional, for all that’s included, the price for membership is a great value! You won’t regret it--I certainly haven’t!

- Karen L. Robertson, Music Teacher

What’s Inside the Mastermind


Monthly Goal Planning Sessions


Every month we get together to reflect on the previous month and set the intentions for the month to come. This is a perfect opportunity to celebrate the wins, let go of challenges and get clear on your next step to move you closer to your goals.

GPS Highlights:

  • Live meeting with Q&A
  • GPS workbook
  • Replay with audio in our membership area
Monthly Masterclass

Entrepreneur Learnings

Every month we go a little bit deeper into different topics that are relevant for your arts business. 

Masteclass Highlights:

  • Recorded masterclass with workbook
  • Live Q&A session to follow up potential questions and have a conversation about the theme for the month
  • Replays will be stored in our membership area
Interaction and Engagement

Private Facebook-group

We believe in the power of community, and offer a private Facebook-group for daily interaction and support.

Facebook Highlights:

Here´s what you get in the Facebook-group

  • Livestream pop-up sessions to answer Q&A:s
  • Units with previous recordings
  • Extra resources, surprise bonuses and tools

When you enroll today as an Annual Member (option 2)

you’ll also get:

Monthly Digital Marketing Masterclasses
with Live Q&A
(A $997 Value)

  • #12 Live Marketing Sessions

    Monthly 90 minutes Live Marketing Sessions to keep you up to date and help you strengthen and position your brand online.

  • Access to Marketing Replays

    Revisit the marketing masterclasses in your special membership area. 
  • A checklist with tech resources

    Don´t let the tech side hold you back. Here are some of our favourites you can use to build and grow your visibility online.

14 Day Money Back Guarantee

We are here to serve and are confident that this mastermind will help you grow and scale your artistic business in a way that is in flow with who you are and what you want to achieve. 

If, within 14 days, you feel that this isn´t the right fit for you, then just let us know and we´ll refund the money no questions asked. All that we ask, is that you commit to the process and do the actual steps which are part of the onboarding process. 

Arts & Business Combined

"When I heard the name Arts Dynamics, and spoke with Sofie Marin, I realized I was speaking to a person who was bilingual in the languages of Arts and Entrepreneurship. I joined ADEM as a Founding Member, because as an Artist I wanted be be able to think like an Entrepreneur, and as an Entrepreneur I wanted to think like an Artist! These were two languages that needed not only a platform, but a community to gain fluency, and this was it!

Artists can no longer afford to isolate themselves from business. At the same time we think differently and hold ourselves to different standards that enable us to be Business Artists. This is not a path for lone wolves. We have much to learn and much to contribute. Arts Dynamics is a place where mission meets method, and we can become proactive as Entrepreneurs and Artists."

-William Reed,
Renaissance Samurai

Calligrapher and Martial Artist

Frequently Asked Questions

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I can’t wait for you to join the Arts Dynamics™ Entrepreneur Mastermind

Arts Entrepreneurs and Cultural Organisations are facing severe challenges due to Covid-19, causing them to loose income and cancel entire seasons. This is the reason I founded this community, to help people like yourself and empower you with the strategies, tools, knowledge and connections you need to get through this. No one can do it by themselves, but together we can move mountains. Come join us and the growing Arts Entrepreneur Movement. See you on the inside!

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