Hello and welcome to your online hub for all things related to Music and Performing Arts Entrepreneurship. This is the home for cultural and creative entrepreneurs who are looking for inspiration, support and resources to take your artistic business to the next level. No matter what level you are at, we´ve got you covered!

ArtsDynamics was founded by Sofie Haag, a performing arts producer and promoter, who has worked for more than 20+ years in various leadership roles within the performing arts industry in Sweden and abroad. Passionate about empowering creative professionals, teams, projects and organisations with the strategies, tools and systems they need to succeed, she has spent the last decade searching for best practises within arts, business and entrepreneurship. The final piece of the puzzle came when she got to know Roger Hamiltons Wealth Dynamics system, based on ancient Chinese teachings and the book of changes, I-Ching. The combination of it all led to the birth of ArtsDynamics, cutting edge entrepreneurship resources bespoke to the arts.

So - make yourself at home. Check out the blog for weekly inspiration, join our online community on Facebook for regular updates and find your personal path to entrepreneurial flow below.

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