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The number one place to be for musicians, artists and creative professionals within performing and visual arts looking to take their artistic businesses to the next level. As a member you will receive world class mentorship, coaching and monthly masterclasses in arts entrepreneurship, digital marketing, branding, productivity, launch secrets and much more. Sign up now before the price increase in January.

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Ancient wisdom meets the very latest in Tech - a word from Sofie Marin, founder of Arts Dynamics

Welcome to Arts Dynamics Entrepreneur Mastermind, our unique mentorship programme for artistic entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial artists! If you are looking for ways to grow and scale your artistic business with tech and digitisation at the forefront, then you have come to the right place. During the past two years we have seen an unprecedented amount of cultural organisations and independent arts professionals struggling to make a living, as a result of the pandemic. Studies have shown that many creatives have been forced to leave the business all together. We are passionate about empowering creatives to find new solutions that are in alignment with who they are and what they do. As the world moves online, so do we in the cultural and creative field. The trick now is to create a high tech digital layer, on top of the physical more high touch side of the business, which in turn helps you identify new sources for artistic creation, monetisation and audience engagement. Our vision is to empower one million arts entrepreneurs by 2030.

This is where the Arts Dynamics Entrepreneur Mastermind comes in...

When you join the Arts Dynamics Entrepreneur Mastermind, you will get access to a global community of likeminded people, peers and mentors with monthly masterclasses, trainings, tutorials and live Q&A sessions to help you stand out, scale up and make a living doing what you love. We are proud to be Global Partners for The Arts within Roger Hamiltons Genius Group, and as a result you will get access to cutting edge, personalised tools to help you identify your natural path to flow as an artistic entrepreneur. For more information, scroll down and we look forward to supporting you on your journey! 
- Sofie Marin, founder Arts Dynamics™

Artists as Entrepreneurs

"I joined ADEM as a Founding Member, because as an Artist I wanted be be able to think like an Entrepreneur, and as an Entrepreneur I wanted to think like an Artist! These were two languages that needed not only a platform, but a community to gain fluency, and this was it! Arts Dynamics is a place where mission meets method, and we can become proactive as Entrepreneurs and Artists."
-William Reed, Japan, Renaissance Samurai, Calligrapher and Martial Artist

Entrepreneurial Artists

"To anyone who is “on the fence” about joining the group: do it now! The mastermind support with FB and the training within Kajabi is exceptional, for all that’s included, the price for membership is a great value! You won’t regret it -- I certainly haven’t!" 
- Karen L. Robertson, USA, Music Teacher/Owner, Gifting Pride: custom songs for the LGBTQIA+ community



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  • Live Q&A:s
  • Group coaching 
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  • Includes all the basic benefits: Monthly masterclasses in entrepreneurship, digital marketing, group coaching, goal setting and live Q&A:s. Also bonus events, invitation to private Facebook and What´s App group
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Did you know...

When you join the Arts Dynamics Entrepreneur Mastermind you have a 14 days money back guarantee.
If, at the end of the two weeks, you feel that this is not the right fit for you, you will get a full refund.

The price will go up in 2022, so join now and keep the same price forever as a special gift from us to you for taking action. 

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