What is your Genius? Your natural path to flow.

"Wealth isn´t how much money you have. Wealth is what you´re left with if you loose all your money." - Roger James Hamilton

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As entrepreneurs we have different ways of being and doing based on who we are as people. By understanding our natural talents and what makes us come alive, it is easier to generate a sustainable income doing what we love. 

Arts Dynamics was born out of Roger James Hamilton´s wealth dynamics and talent dynamics profiling systems, and what I love the most about this frame work is how an understanding of our genius helps us tap into our inner guidance system. It is like a GPS system guiding us forward, providing a direction and helping us identify what to focus on and when. 

Have you ever noticed that successful people give conflicting advice depending on who they are and what they do? What works at one level and for one type of personality, doesn't´t work in another context. There is no one size fits all model in entrepreneurship but there are proven guidelines that are useful in personalising the path to entrepreneurial flow. Even for artists and creatives. I promise. 

Lately I have met with several arts professionals who have struggled with money and generating enough cashflow to stay afloat. In the coming nine days I will therefore share nine steps you can take to go from cashflow negative to cashflow positive, but to make the most out of this journey it is helpful if you understand your personality type and what works best for you. 

If you haven´t already, I recommend you take this free test HERE to find out what your genius is. Are you a creative with you head in the cloud and a constant stream of new ideas coming in (Dynamo) or an introvert with a love for details (Steel)? Perhaps someone who thrives in the company of others and is excellent at promoting your ideas (Blaze) or a more grounded person who doesn't´t want to create yourself but are very good at service and timing in projects with others (Tempo)?

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Keep on shining brightly, On and Off stage! 
- Sofie, Creator #ArtsDynamics 

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